For students
For students

Dear students!  KazGASA Student’s Guidebook will help you to better adapt to the academy.

At the academy, all applications are written in the name of the president. Samples of applications (for a place in the Student House, for admission and early entrance examinations, etc.) are available at the dean's office of your faculty.

The headman, adviser of your student (study) group, student dean, dean of the faculty or the directorate of the college will help you to resolve any emerging issues.

In case they cannot help you, please contact vice-rector  in charge. Vice-rector will help you to resolve issues within his or her authority.

The appointment time to meet with a rector of KazGASA on personal issues:

- Tuesday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (prior appointment is required).

The last instance of the Academy, which you can contact, is the President of KazGASA. In the hall of the academy there is a direct mail box in which you can leave letters, complaints, questions, notes with specific proposals or comments on the work of the academy units addressed to the President of KazGASA.