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A. A Kussainov

Dear graduates!

     I sincerely congratulate you on receiving a diploma from one of the leading and most prestigious universities in our country – the Kazakh Head Architecture and Construction Academy.

     Here, within the walls of your Alma mater, you received the necessary knowledge, skills and experience, met your best friends, and realized yourself in scientific, social, creative and sports activities. For their part, the faculty and management of the University have done everything to make your student years as rich and unforgettable as possible. I am sure that you will remember your time at KazGASA with warmth and nostalgia.

     Welcome to the profession! Now you, yesterday's students, are our full-fledged colleagues. Now you have broad prospects: some of you will continue your master's and doctoral studies, some will design and build new homes and entire neighborhoods, and some will work in the field of management. You are the face of our University! We are sure that all of you will meet our expectations, and we will be proud of you! Always keep up with the times and discover new facets of your unlimited abilities!

     By handing you diplomas, we do not say goodbye: the doors of our Academy are always open for you. Don't forget your Alma mater, your teachers, and your friends.

Good luck, graduates of Kazgas-2020!



President of KazGASA                                                               Kusainov A.A.

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22 may

Online "Alumni Fair 2020" in KazGASA

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